We are glad to announce our new css border generator.

Looks like you are reading our first post. Welcome to css-borders.com!

On this website we will write many interesting things about borders in Cascading Style Sheets. Currently we published dynamic CSS code generator which inclundes parameters like: border width, style, color, and radius. You can also define custom radius (other for each corners).

What we want to do on this website?

  • Lot of tutorials about borders in css, for beginners, and more advanced developers
  • Lists of css borders examples made by us

What features we want to add to generator in the future?

  • Box shadow properties
  • Other code example, which will includes html block and object class. It should be easier for beginners then.

Hope you will enjoy using our website. If you have any ideas about articles, tutorials, or features of gerenerator, feel free to contact us at e-mail michal.123net[at]gmail.com.